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Rovinj & Picasso’s love for Pottery

Light skims the reflective surface,  

a dance between partners across time.  

Waiting each night for its return never doubting the meaning of affection.

There cannot be one without the other,

the act of devotion in its truest form.

They had been travelling for 12 days now. The heat from each city clung to their skin and clouded their minds. The adventure as far had been monumental but the arches that hauled them across each border and the spines that carried their load called out for relief.

One of the three wanderers were awoken by the light that passed through the window of the moving bus. It tickled her eyelids until they opened. Her eyes adjusted to the light quickly and revealed a city slowly crawling towards her as the bus travelled down a narrow road.  She lifted her head slightly to get a better view of what was ahead. The sight swept away her clouded mind and gave her body the first glimpse of its desire. Her eyes watched as the sun hovered over the sea and the boats that drifted in its light swayed against the current. She imagined the sound of the sea being carried along the wind and the noise the boats made slapping against the waves, too far away for her ears but not for her imagination. Natural melodies being played to usher in a brief moment to recover that she could hardly wait to grasp.

We all stumbled off the bus at Autobusni kolodvor just up the street from Obala Vladimira Nazora docks (lots of places I cannot pronounce). We were all pretty tired and were ready to drop, but we were also so hyped to check out the city.

Our Airbnb was a bit outside of the city but our host was so hospitable that he collected us from the bus station and drove us to our accommodation. It was a lovely little apartment with two bedrooms and a small garden. The only downside was that it took 40 minutes to walk back into the city. But the nights were warm and the landscape around the outskirts was interesting so it made the lengthy time easier to ignore. Also on our path into the city, we met a praying mantis that alone made the walk worth it.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” – Pablo Picasso

Picasso the potter

On our first night, we checked out the city and stumbled upon the Heritage Museum in the centre of Rovinj. Up the narrow stairs lay glass cabinets each in charge of their own ceramic piece. Before that day I never knew Picasso was not only a painter but a potter. He began his passion for creating ceramic pieces at the end of the 1940’s after meeting The Ramié family who gave him access to their workshop and in return they produced and sold his works. Each piece is as unique as the last with so many dynamic shapes and colours. I recommend you pay a visit if you happen to venture into Rovinj.

A woman moves swiftly through a narrow street. All of the windows above are closed and none carry light to guide her way. With every few steps, she jerks her head checking over her shoulder. Nothing but silence moves between the walls of this narrow confinement.  She can’t explain it but she feels a presence lingering in the shadows surrounding her. Her pace quickens and her breathing follows. She wraps the material covering her skin tighter around her body while continuing to accelerate. A new street opens up ahead of her and veers sharply to the left but as she closes in on it she looks behind again.  The woman turns her head back and stops abruptly, fright covering her face. But there is no need to fear, for in front of her is a friendly face. The woman laughs in relief and walks forward into the night, no longer alone.

Narrow streets cover every inch of the centre of Rovinj. The windows of Each building are accompanied by colourful shutters to shade their occupants from the morning sun. It could have been claustrophobic but it wasn’t. The twist and turns combined with the elevating cobblestone paths made it feel alive.

Island Hopping

Croatia has 718 islands, 389 islets and 78 reefs floating a boat ride away from its shore. Along the coastline of Rovinj there are plenty of ways to visit these islands. You can go by boat taxi or on a boat trip where you can party, relax or strip off your inhibitions on one of the beach island  (Nudest beaches, if you didn’t get my subtlety). The boat trip my friends and I bordered included a trip over to, two of the Islands. One of which was a Pirate Island that had a hidden cave and pirate teamed tiki bar overlooking the sea.  The other had a beautiful beach cove where dinner was included in the price of our boat ticket and a free musical performance by the boat captain (A big fan of Abba). A boat trip, beach cove, pirate bar and dinner,

what more could you want?

A feature of the city I will always remember was the rocky beaches that projected their gravel claws towards the sea. Being able to descend down uneven stone steps and enter the salty waters that makeup 96% of all the worlds water was a wonderful experience.  If you visit the city, these small rock features are a great place to swim and lay in the sun wearing nothing but factor 50.


Let’s not forget to protect our skin!

This short break in between constant travelling, feeding on culture, walking many city streets and getting lost at least 4 times each day was welcomed by us all with open arms.  If you have the chance to give yourself a few days within your trip to re-cooperate then do it! It will recharge your batteries and give your legs the rest they beg for.


I hope you enjoyed the post!

Did you have a recharge spot on your trip?


Jess x


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