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Rome under Construction: 3 days in Rome

Blood travels hot towards its intent.

An awakening ensues to the beat of another.

Reaching out with a singular note,

Their call is deafening but with a frequency known only to one,

A private state disguised by the truth behind the expression.

The stone that has protected its inhabitants still stand tall but there are structures that have succumbed to the power of natures hold. Gripped in its hand until the rock begins to crumble and nature steps back and laughs as its pitiful attempt to hold on to its form.

A bus breaks throwing its passengers on top of each other. Outside its windows lies the Victor Emmanuel II Monument. A passerby watches with mild interest as they see an arm reaching towards daylight from inside the mound of bodies that are encased inside the bus. Seizing hold of the open doorway the owner of the arm, a young woman pulls herself free and escapes into the open air. Another young woman follows in her wake struggling to make her way through the opening she left behind.  Her Face brushes faces of many bodies surrounding her, some of which had a potent odor she wished she had not gotten so close too. 

A drop of sweat trickled down the side of her forehead with the effort of maneuvering through the crowd and liberating herself from the bowels of the enclosure. A third girl rushes towards what remains of the opening between the bodies now closing back in on each other.  “Oh,” she gasps. The surprise makes her stop abruptly. She turns to confront the person who had just pinched her bum. A man stood facing her with a smile so wide she could see the reminiscence of his breakfast. BAM! she pushes him causing him to stumble back into a pole. The crowd around her backs away as she marches towards the door fearing she may strick them next. 

They forget instantly about the uncomfortable journey when the realise that  Rome stands waiting in front of their eyes. 

After locating out tiny Airbnb that had no air condition, no toiletries, no wifi and no hot water we hungrily took the 40-minute bus into the city to find some of that amazingly delicious Italian food that we had been dreaming of.  When we finally made it to the city our bellies were growing impatient for food.  Our hanger took over and we sat eagerly at the first little cafe r we found. This sadly was a mistake. Our first meal in Rome consisted of 9 euro tinned spaghetti. It was like slope still in the shape of the can it dripped from. You can imagine pretty disappointed. We had imagined Italian pasta being fresh and full of flavour.  We tried to forget the disappointing meal by exploring the city of Rome.

The first place we visited was the Victor Emmanuel II Monument. The Building complexion stands out among the other structures around the area. Its view of Rome is beautiful and is a perfect way to get a glimpse of Rome from above.

Rome like so many other cities in Europe has many beautiful churches. I have always found the architecture inside the buildings wonderful to gaze upon. The attention to detail and the beautiful colours brushed deep into every wall.

We walked through the city to the Colosseum. One of the most recognized auditoriums in the world. When we arrived our attention was diverted towards the snake-like queue that wrapped itself around its outer body and into the interior.


When visit Rome wake with the sun before to avoid the never-ending queue. You can buy tickets online ahead of time which will also save you some time.

Loud cheers rise up from the stalls scaring off birds that rest along the open rooftop. From below a faint nose begins to form. It quickly grows louder and faster. I small child looks around at the spectators encompassing every space. He climbs down from his stone seat to feel the dirt and stone move under his feet. The young boy kneels placing his right ear close to the floor. Through layers of rock and soil, under all of their feet stands an army of men. All of whos faces are covered in dirt and are standing side by side roaring like caged animals. Leather sheets are belted around their chests and spears bang rhythmically in each right-hand. Sweat drips from down there foreheads wetting the soil at their bare feet. Their fear is drowned out by the chants rising from each of their lungs but each heart beats fast aware of that its last moment may has come.

When you enter the Colosseum you have the option to take an audio guided tour in any language or you can go on a hosted tour. There is a number system that you follow that coincides with your personal headset and the numbers placed around the structure. It gives you information about the different sections of the interior and this history surrounding the Colosseum. The tour is easy to follow and you don’t have to go numerically if you feel a little rebellious. Walking around this old Amphitheatre, it’s not hard to picture yourself back in a time when it was still in action. I could feel its barbaric history coating the walls around me in red.

Under construction 

Apparently, September is the month where Rome’s famous sculptures, buildings, and fountains are repaired. It seemed the whole city was under construction. The Trevi fountain was covered in scaffolding and hidden behind a translucent barrier to stop us from getting to close. I’m not gonna lie, we were pretty disappointed that we couldn’t throw our coppers into the fountain and make a wish. Whenever I saw it in films, it represented magic and beauty but on that particular day, it looked like a building site with a dirty plastic blockade stopping people from getting closer. The ground on the other side was littered with coins thrown over by the people who didn’t allow an obstacle get in the way of making a wish.

Romulus and Remus

According to the legend, when Numitor the grandfather of the twins Romulus and Remus, was overthrown by his brother Amulius, the usurper ordered the twins to be cast into the Tiber River. They were rescued by a she-wolf who cared for them until a herdsman, Faustulus, found and raised them. The Capitoline Wolf has been housed since 1471 in the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Campidoglio.

I love hearing about myths like this one. It creates so many tails and so many imaginative stories about ancient times. Rome is full of mythology and the birthplace of so much history that it is understandable why it attracts so many people from all over the world.

Off the beating track 

If I learned anything of my visit it would be to go off the beating track and explore Romes streets and alleys. We found the best Italian restaurants down a small narrow street away from the crowds. We also stumble upon a courtyard full of people relaxing, having drinks and listening to  musicians busking. I think this would a recommendation for any city you visit. Just get a little lost.

Have you visited Rome? what would you recommend as a must see? Di you have a similar expeience?

Jess x

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