In my post “Life In between” [] I spoke to you about my plans to travel. Well the date is set for round one, European tour! The Irish are going on an adventure! My self and two friends from the homeland are going interailing around Europe. Using the interailing website I was able to figure out what ticket type would suit us best and where we can visit on our way along the map. Its a really good site, very useful for planning. All the information you could possibly need to start you off is there.

After a short skype chat with one of my absolute favourite people, we decided to go for the 10 days out of 22 ticket. which basically means we can stop off for two days in any one place. Unfortunately as I will be over 26 when I travel I will no longer be a youth. When did 26 become old ! no grey hairs here yet I’ll have you know. Definitely think youth should be until at least 30. That sounds like an age of maturity right? nah I’ll still be a youth, forever young! The price is a little steeper than a youth ticket but its not stopping me from going. I have been saving all year to see the world and I’m at least getting to see some of it this summer.

The plan is to start off in Belgium and  and end the journey in Greece for a few relaxing sunny days lying on a beach in Santorini. Look at how beautiful it is!

Now I saw that is the plan but that’s the beauty of an adventure, you can change your mind and go anywhere! I am so excited!  But if we stick to the plan my two lovely traveling companions will leave me to fly home from Greece and I will continue o to Iceland .  I decided to add it on to my trip, sure why not ? I’m going to meet two other friends on this beautiful Island north west of the UK and travel around it a wee bit.

My Travels don’t end there. A friend of mine has just recently moved to New York and I miss her already! ;-( So much so that of course I just have to visit her. I’m currently looking into flights from Iceland because its closer to America than the UK and the flights are apparently cheaper and I’m there sooooo I might as well just fly from there, completely logical, I think.  Well if I’m visiting one friend in America I should probably visit another? I’ve never been to Boulder Colorado before. Its a small town with a population of around 10,000 or so google tells me. Pretty small compared to Dublin city. But from the pictures Iv’e seen (stolen from friends facebook page) It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to visit! Julie I’m coming to visit , get ready! It only took me two years, sorry. Flights are expensive. My chosen super power would definitely be the ability to fly. I’ll can keep dreaming.

So I’m going from Ireland to Belgium all the way to Greece with many stop offs to Iceland then flying over the north Atlantic ocean to NY and then some how managing to travel over to Boulder. This is totally going to work and not be difficult at all, yeah right it sounds complicated but I’m going to manage it.

To keep you updated on my travel map and Itinerary, I will be posting each week about one of my traveling stop offs and I’ll fill you in on some of the information I discover while researching about my destinations. Hope you come back to check them out!

Is there anywhere you want to visit in Europe? or have you got any travel advice? Because I could definitely do with some ha.



Interailing website []

The images used in this post are taken from web browsing travel images. They are not my images. They are used to emphasis my goal to travel around the world.

January 20, 2015


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