Three female backpackers depart from the train.  The first  bounces down both feet hitting the pavement simultaneously.  The look on her face is excitable as she scans around at her new surroundings. The second flops down unsteadily and looks  around with squinty eyes, sniffing out the nearest coffee machine while the third steps off the train with their head buried in a map. This is how I see us a week in, stepping  onto the platform of our third destination ( I’ll take a picture so you can compare it to real events).

We are now in Prague ! Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and it’s largest city. It is the fourteenth-largest city and it is also the historical capital of Bohemia ( I didn’t know what Bohemia was so I looked it up) Bohemia was a kingdom in the Holy Roman Empire and it’s borders are marked with mountain ranges such as the Bohemian Forest, the Ore Mountains, and the Krkonoše (Giant mountains where I assume Giants live), the highest in the Sudeten mountain range.  Prague was bohemian before it became cool and trendy.


[Krkonoše Mountain]

Myself and my companions are doing this trip on a budget so accommodation isn’t where we want to be spending our money.  Hostels are cheap and usual have other bag packers to swap stories with. There are so many to choose from but I.m just going to show you two that stood out for me.

Elf is a hostel that I can only describe as hipster chique, very cool very young and cheap which is what you want. you can book private rooms (so you don’t need to share with strangers who snore) and there’s free breakfast buffet ( If you manage to drag yourself out of bed for it) and free tea and coffee throughout the day. I looked at some of the reviews which were pretty decent except even though it says on their webpage that is in the centre, some of the reviewers said it was far out from the centre.


hostel elf 1

hostel elf 2


Another hostel I looked into (and is probably where we will stay) is the Artharmony Pension and hostel. It basically looks like you are sleeping in the trees with the lost boys (or girls).  I’ts a bit pricier but it looks fantastic!


artharmony hostel



To the Bar!

Letná Beer Garden is located at the eastern end of Letná Park, over looking Vltava river and Staré Město.  The Beer Garden consists of picnic tables an a kiosk that sells beer and pizza. Sounds blissful, let’s hope the weather is amazing so we can relax at a picnic table soaking up the sun and basing in the view.

letna beer garden

letna beer garden 2



The Cross Club music bar is the type of are you would see in Mad Max (The bar you went to after winning thunderdome). It’s designed out of pipes and gadgets. It hosts Theatre performances, and art happenings while also pumping out electro music. You can find it on the corner of Plynární and I doubt you would miss it.

cross club 1


cross-club 3



The Old Town Square (Staré Město) is one of two main squares in Prague (Wenceslas Square is the other, just 5 minutes walk away). It’s covered in Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic style buildings  erected around the market. The most alluring sights on the square are the Old Town Hall Tower with a Astronomical Clock and St. Nicholas Church.

The Old town Halls Astronomical clock was written about in 1410. The astronomical dials derived from the astrolabe and deducts various times, astronomical cycles, sun position and constellation of the zodiac. It also deducts the moons position ( above or below horizon).




As I never miss the opportunity to view  churches especially one with beautiful Gothic style I can’t miss out on St Nicolas Cathedral. It is another beautiful building in old town that was where the Ball scene in  Van Helsing  (2004) was filmed. Other Films that where filmed in Prague include, Amadeus(1984), Les Miserables(1998), Dungeons and Dragons(2000), A knights Tale(2001), The Bourne Identity(2002), Blade 2(2002), Underworld(2003), The League of Extraordinary Gentleman(2003), Hellboy(2004) and the list goes on…

st nic cath


There are plenty of restaurants and bars in  Staré Město to keep you full while walking around all of those  celestial architectural designs.

st vincent cathdral




At the end of Staré Město is  Charles bridge (Karlův most).  During Medieval times the people know to flee to the mountains the river levels rose above the bearded man (Bradáč) . The bridge is full of tourist which means its full of pick pockets which a lot of travel sites warn about (good thing i’m poor).


bearded man



A lot of travel sites mentioned that the National Marionette Theatre puppet production is a must see. It has little or no script so it would completely fall on the visuals for understanding.  They preform new and classical works every week in Italian and German.

puppet show

puppet show2



I  really want to try see some of the country side instead of sticking to the city. Stuck trying to navigate all the other tourist strolling about. Karlstejn castle area is a forty minute train ride away.  It’s a magnificent castle on top of a hill with beautiful natural landscape all around for a walk and hike.  There is the usual tourist shops around but I think i’ll take a packed lunch with me and save my money.

Karlstejn castle


Quick interesting facts about Czech Republic

Fungus for everyone!

Mushroom picking is a national passion

Can’t swing a Cat without hitting a castle!

Czech Republic has 2000 castles, keeps and castle ruins.

No waiting for Pet videos to load for the Czech’s

Czech republic is one of the top ten countries for Internet speed.

Easter is always a colourful time of year

Czech is famous for it’s painted eggs

That’s a whole lot of (C12H22O11)3  

(a geometric joke i didn’t get until I googled it)

The Czech’s invented the sugar cube in 1843

I hope you liked the post!Check out my other posts on the other locations I’m visiting.

Jess x

Have you visited Prague? anywhere I should check out that hasn’t been mention?

The images used in this post are taken from web browsing travel images. They are not my images. They are used to emphasis my goal to travel around the world.

March 26, 2015

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