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I have been living in Edinburgh for a little over two years now.  I arrived on the Scottish shores eagerly awaiting a new adventure in a new place.  My sole reason for coming here was for UNI but I fell in love with the city, its architecture, so old and full of history.  Oh and it happens to look like a scene from the Harry Potter books! Love! I instantly felt at home.  So, if my two years are up and I am no longer a university student, does that make me a fully fledged adult? God I hope not, because I certainly don’t feel like one.  Caught in life’s limbo, that’s how i feel.  Not an adult but no longer a child.  Does this mean I need to catch myself a career? stretch my arms out and hold tight.  Nah Ill just get a job, that will do for now and float through life.  Or I could find myself?  Travel the world and experience different cultures (This is something I do actually want to do but I need to save all of my penny’s in the piggy bank first).

Whatever I am meant to do in life, its not in front of me just yet so i guess i’m still searching.  At one point I thought I wanted to be a pilot, flying  across the planet seeing beautiful new places.  Only problem with that dream was in reality the price tag attached.  Ah cool, 90,000 to study piloting for a year, em Ill get back to on that, I just need to Google how to rob a bank.

I was never very keen on school and it took me two years to make the decision to go back.  Where did I get my motivation?  Id call it more of an epiphany.  On the average repetitive day working in a homewares department I  was casually chatting with a lady that I used to work with.  As we walked sluggishly along the isles together with shoe boxes stacked high inside the old squeaky trolley, I remember that we chatted about a work related topic, something to do with a discount card. It wasn’t a spectacular conversation, just dull everyday chatter you become accustomed to, that was until the lady who wheeled the trolley with me mentioned that she had been working with the company for twenty years… And that was it.

By means of warp speed my 19 year old self was pulled forward in time.  Twenty years into the future and there I was wheeling the same trolley just a lot older.  No thank you, not for me.  I decided there and then to go back to school and figure out what I want to do with the one life I get.  Lots of things came to mind.  I felt like a creative person.  I was never great with numbers and I was easily distracted unless I was fully committed to the task and I found my commitment was to creation.  I thought about design and display,  I liked it while working in homewares, it was creative and interesting and I knew it was possible to get jobs.  Then I thought why not travel and tourism.  I love everything about travel, maybe that would be something worth doing or what about media?

I sat down and began the dreaded CAO (the Irish equivalent of UCAS)  application.  So many questions and courses.  It was so OVERWHELMING!  But I did it and ended up applying for two different courses.  I got both.  Ah, super, now to make the decision between media or travel.  Something I was hoping to avoid.  I had hoped it would just be the one and that the decision would be made for me.  Nope, I have to decide.  Fine, media it is.  And four years later because of that decision I moved to Scotland, got my Degree in creative arts and have been working on TV productions.  Best decision I have ever made in my life.  I’ve had such amazing experience and I cant wait for more !



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So the point of all this rambling is that I’m keen to continue doing the things I set out to do.  I have moved to a new country, achieved my degree and now what should I do?  TRAVEL!  Yes I am finally able/afford to travel around Europe and hopefully, East Asia and more! I am ridiculously excited!  And I hope my traveling buddies are to!

So I guess this is my way of coping with adulthood.  I dipped my toes into adult society and honestly, I do not like it!  Working 40 hours a week so that you can feed yourself, pay bills, rent and have 2% of a life.  This is just a fun vacuum, sucking all the fun away and spitting the workload back out.  I have been looking after myself and working since I was 14 but its a whole new ball game when you and you alone is in charge of your own affairs, scary…

Traveling is my way of reminding myself that there is so much more out there to discover.  To start with i’m going to use this blog to keep all my research into the places I want to go and basically show you how I’m planning my journey.  And then when I start my journey I’m going to take you all with me.  excited? probably not because you aren’t coming but it might give you the traveling bug and my little road map to the world might help you start your own journey or at least give you the best places to eat and booze it up.

Jess x

November 13, 2014

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