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Edinburgh City is beautiful. The architecture, the history, the beautiful scenery, everything is eye catching!  Something else I love about this city are the little cafes that are dotted around, fitting neatly into its style.  My favourites seem to fit themselves perfectly in corners of larger buildings like a jigsaw piece, the building is incomplete without it. With all these cafes to choose from I wanted to write about a few that for me slot in perfectly with Edinburgh’s style.

The Haven was a random discovery I made while exploring the lower end of Edinburgh. After walking quite a bit I didn’t feel the urge to trek back home. Annoyingly but very typically I had no change. Nothing else was open nearby other than a little green cafe with a charming mural painted on its side. I entered and discovered a wonderfully decorated cafe with a trendy look about it.  Complimented by the staff, all dressed in cool styles with a relaxed persona about them, and the furniture of the vintage variety. First impressions where strong.  The main counter displayed lots of cake goodies. I bought a rocky road and a toffee cake which was more then I needed to buy to receive the right amount of change  but it looked too darn good to ignore! and people, they were too darn good! The piece of rocky road I was given by the friendly woman behind the counter was a generously sized piece and the same can be said for the cake. A nice  treat to distract the mind while waiting on the bus to arrive.

The Haven cafe

The Haven cafe 2

As you can see from above its too cute and homely.  Arm chairs by the fire, lots of mirrors hanging from the walls, all different shapes and sizes, cool antique lamps.  It is heavily decorated but not in an overly cluttered way. The vibe emanating from the room was relaxing, the atmosphere topped off by music flowing through the room and wrapping itself around us not unlike icing embracing a perfectly sculpted cake. I ventured back with a few friends some weeks later and got to try out the menu. Prices were reasonable and the quality of the food was excellent .  I was happy to hand over my money to the nice lady with the pin up do who served us.

Next on my tasty list is another little cafe jotting out from under an apartment building in Brunsfield. The buildings shape reminds me of the cliffs of Moher, jotting its body out into the sea, braving the winds and stormy seas.  This little  puzzle piece was just a hungover crawl away  for me.  My first ever order inside its walls was a stack of pancakes topped with bacon and warm syrup drizzled all over. Heaven had reached my stomach. They do have healthier options  if all that sugar seems to much for you. They also serve sandwiches and the like. The owner also  enjoys experimenting with his soups which I’m all for. Try something new but add something else onto your order just in case the new taste attacking your taste-buds isn’t for you. Lets not go hungry.

the tree house

the tree house 3

the tree house 2

Its simplistic decor and friendly staff make it a nice place to stop off on your way into town or to start your morning.  Also they have an array of teapots for any occasion propped upon a high shelf behind the counter.  If you ask super nicely they may even climb up and return with your request.

love crumbs

love crumbs 3

love crumbs 2

Anyone like cake?  I’m 100% sure I’m not the only person nodding.  Lovecrumbs is a cafe dedicated to cake.  Tea and cake.  I tried violet tea for the first time here and I loved it!   I love old mix and match furniture and this place is full of it, old chairs and different tables covering every space.  An alluring little nook occupies a space by the front window that you can climb into and watch the world go by and the men march into the strip club in droves. But we can ignore that  little feature or just view it as another quint characteristic that makes this area so colourful. This sweet little cake cafe is nestled in between  a strip bar, a book shop, a tattoo parlor and on its other side, vintage stores, a book shop and an antique shop, just making it all the more interesting.

Look how lovely it is inside! The staffs music choices which can make or break a spaces atmosphere where solid. Its filled with plants and wooden features. It kinda resembles how I feel a cafe might look in Narnia. Good job folks! I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you are able to visit them soon ! Do it!

Any recommendations ? Let me know your favourite spot.

Jess x

The images used in this post are taken from web browsing travel images. They are not my images. They are used to create visuals were there was none. links are attached to images.

January 8, 2015

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