As I enter the Grand foyer of the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms. White walls and an open space covered in people leaving with shopping bags and entering with bright anticipating faces. A lady sits at the reception desk watching all the eager shoppers pass her by probably wishing she to was rising up the stairs to enter Judy’s Vintage fair or just wondering if its to early for lunch.

The usual Signature sign directs us and we follow willingly. The familiar sounds of 50’s style music drifts through the stairway emanating from the room we are all here for. I just want to quickly pause here for a moment. I love the music that flows over our heads and drifts into our ears. It sets a wonderful tone for the event. The music gives you a warm feeling and prepares you for your trip back in time. The DJ also played many tunes reminding me of old movies I’ve watched. And of course I couldn’t help bopping my head and swaying to the music. I have no shame.

Two lady’s await us all to receive our money and brand us. Two splendidly dressed ladies I might add. Something you always except from Judy’s ladies, absolutely fabulous and courteous every one of you. We enter the fray. Sadly the fair is still set up in the same room as before.

Like previously it felt cramped and like before I wiggled my way through the crowd while trying not bump of the people around me. It was a little less busy than when I visited last but as the number of people begin to build it became very hard to navigate. Personal space completely breached, oh sorry that was my bum touching your bum, I do apologies, nice dress you got there though. Another thing I noted which hasn’t altered much from my previous experience is the small availability of Mirrors and places to try on clothing. A few more mirrors where dotted around the room compared to last time and there where two changing rooms instead of one. I only ventured into one but on the very far side was another.

There was two mirrors available inside the changing room for people to gander at their outfit. I chose the word people because the changing room was communal. Ladies and gents can drop trou together in one room. I’m all for equality and I don’t mind it myself but I noticed that there were a few people that did not feel as comfortable with the changing room arrangements. It wasn’t just the ladies. The guys didn’t seem too comfortable with the arrangement either. Might want to consider throwing up a curtain or two for those who feel a little more self conscious than others.

Ignoring the lack of space and  the unisex changing room, the vintage fair had its usual creatively set up stalls with each stall owner displaying there items in different ways. Lots of items where on sale as this was Judy’s January sale. There where plenty of bargains to be found. I picked up a grey shirt , denim shorts and a dress totaling to £23 BARGAIN! A friend of mine picked up two shirts, two jumpers and a cool redesigned crop top that came to £35.

I’m going to put up a style post with the items I bought with this post and another of my friend next week, check it out!

So I think its time to give you a taster of how the vintage fair looks, don’t you?

vintage judy 13

vntage judy 5

vintage judy2

vintage judy

vintage judy use 11

vintage judy 19


vintage judy 18

vintage judy 17


vintage judy 16


vintage judy 14


vintage judy 10

vintage judy 9

vintage judy 8

Vintage judy 7

vintage judy 6

vintage judy 4

vintage judy 3

vintage 12


So overall the clothing range and prices didn’t fail to impress. Even the shoppers where on form. There was some really cool personal styles strutting around. It could be described as an open catwalk to all styles. A quick glance, a short nod and then return to what your doing and stop creeping.

Hope you enjoyed the post ! check out the vintage fair for yourself !



Have you ever gone to any vintage fairs in the UK? Wheres your favourite place to shop vintage ?

January 25, 2015

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