Exiting the threshold, covered in fresh autumn air.

The Feeling of a journey paused but not ended. Pulled away from the greener pastures and told it was just a lie.

 Struggling to stay still under a moving surface, to fast to catch every shape, the image of a spinning wheel turning over inside the minds. 

To stop it completely would be a wonder, an impossible thing made possible.

Will it be forced reality or the way station among the lost until time becomes relevant again?

Only time knows the truth. 

Four days back in the beautiful Edinburgh city and all I can think about is when will I be able to fly over the oceans to new mysterious places again. I believe this is an adventure come-down of sorts. After  two months traveling around so many different places I’m back home, for now at least. I have had the most amazing time and I’m so excited to share my adventures with you all and hopefully one or two will feel inspired to go off on your own adventure.

You don’t take away the fun by being a little prepared

As my trip changed so much from start to finish I think its important to share how I started planning. As I said before I have always wanted to do a big trip and to continue traveling there after. Myself and my traveling companions decided on the different places we wanted to go to and from there we began our interrailing map.

If you have haven’t heard of interrailing before it’s a train pass that allows you to travel throughout Europe. There are many different passes that you can order off of their website which is also fully equipped to help you choose your ticket and plan your trip. Through their website I was able to plan our train Itinerary for each destination from times to how many days we would stay in each place. We did not just stick to looking at trains but researched other transport available to us including buses, trams, metros, subways and ferries.

My first bit of advice – look at all available transport options before you start your trip because it will add surprise expenses that you may not have planned for. Once you pick your destinations you can figure out the logistics of all the other ways to travel available to you, making it easier to  decide on your ticket type.

Why are you going there if you know nothing about it?

Dog reading Map
no reason for choosing this photo other than how cute this dog is

So after you have planned your destinations and bought your ticket, whats next? Why not learn a little about the places your going to? Googling and searching TripAdvisor for things to do while your there limits your time actually doing those activities. Why go to this city if you haven’t even researched its history or its landscape? Don’t worry, the spontaneity is not lost in planning ahead, you will manage to stumble upon the unexpected everywhere you go. You can go off wondering with a map and end up somewhere else completely, somewhere even more beautiful than the place you had planned to visit.  Don’t be afraid to get lost! I did all the time and it lead me to the most interesting places.

Do you really need 6 pairs of shoes?

packing 2

Packing can be as crucial to your trip. You and that bag are going to be joined together for weeks or even months. You will climb stairs, walk miles and stand for hours together. Lets keep this relationship a blissful one. Also do you really want to be left dragging 30 kg’s on tiny plastic wheels along the cobble stone streets of Europe. Pack what you would for one week for 3 months. You will save money on storage, and flights by having a small enough bag for cabin luggage. While everyone else watches the conveyor belt go around you will already be through the sniffer dogs and out into the summer air. Checking the average temperature  and weather forecast for where your going so you don’t bring unnecessary extras. In other words, if it’s California you probably wont need a rain jacket. Pack light, pack smart and you will make your trip a lot easier on your back.

All customers are allowed one bag and one personal item

The bag I bought in Argos. It was cheaper than anywhere else but had a decent amount of weight it can take and  was small enough for carry on luggage to save money and time. In this bag I managed to squeeze in one pair of black jeans, A pair of grey sports 3/4 length leggings, Long black sports leggings, two pairs of shorts, 4 t-shirts a rain jacket, a jumper, a cardigan, 7 pairs of socks, a weeks worth of underwear, a pair of Birkenstock’s and a pair of sketchers. Other things I packed included roll on deodorant, basic makeup, nail clippers, pack of razers, small hair brush, pack of clips, pack of hair elastics, tampons, travel size shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and face wash. I may have packed the day before but I definitely sat over that bag with a cup of tea pondering what to bring.


Rolling rolling rolling keep them doggies rolling !

I was very strategic about my clothing selection. I knew Europe would be hot but would probably rain and that Iceland would be cold and would most definitely rain. I packed for two different climates which eventually lead me to choose long black sports leggings (regulate body temperature better and are lightweight), 3/4 length leggings (lightweight and comfortable for traveling), one pairs of jeans, one pair of shorts, 4 t-shirts, one jumper, one rain jacket, 8 pairs of socks and underwear 3 bra’s, one micro fiber towel (ingenious invention) and a few essentials. Two pairs of shoes ladies and gentleman, a pair of  Birks (hot weather and comfort) and sketchers (cold weather and walking comfort)If I can manage to only bring two pairs of shoes you can too. Splash the cash people ! walking for 8- 10 hours a day with cheap shoes will only make your feet hate you and reward you with painful blisters.

Fitting it all in is a brain melting jigsaw puzzle. Everything must fit , and all of the space must be utilized. Checked out youtube to get tips on how you can possible start your own jigsaw puzzle. Youtube always has a tutorial for everything and it wont disappoint when it comes to packing, there are many videos dedicated to traveling tips.

rolling clothes

Thank you for reading ! My next post will be on my very first destination Copenhagen!

Hope you enjoyed the read and keep reading.

Jess x

The images used in this post are taken from web browsing travel images. They are not my images. They are used to emphasis my goal to travel around the world.


November 7, 2015


That dog is indeed cute and does look like a great travel prepare-r! Off to read the next post! You’re not only making me want to go places, but also to re-visit my old blog!

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