I haven’t been very good with keeping up to date with my blog as life does have a tendency to get in the way. But luckily I have been able to spare some time to write ( another wards i’m writing at 1 in the morning :/).   I am literally on a count down.  3 weeks to go and I’m tingling with excitement at the prospect of stepping of my first plat form.  Co- workers and friends are getting excited with me even getting the traveling bug themselves.  Some have even gone as far as booking trips abroad just from hearing me talk about my plans (I never shut up about my trip so it might also be to get away from me) .  I am so happy that others have been encouraged to visit new places around Europe and the world because for me its so important to experience new places and new cultures. The world is so bug but my greedy little senses want to experience it all.

Changes to our trip have happened! Vienna  and Croatia have now been added  to our map. North to South we go battling against the elements crossing boarders and fighting our way through the Armies of Sauron!  (jokes I am very aware I do not live in a fiction world) hoping To Rome we head ! Rome wilI  be  the final stop for one of my companions who will return home from there booooooooooooo, duty calls our more like money calls ha. But for me and my other companion it doesn’t stop there…. My friend had some extra holiday time so she decided to come visit Iceland with me before she returns to the office. Then I shall head to Canada to visit the beautiful Daniel , a friend who is currently living in Toronto and friends I have met in Edinburgh who are from London Ontario . After that is goes a bit haywire. I will possible be in New Mexico , California, Vegas or Boulder. I do not know which just yet or it multiple places. It’s a little exciting and unnerving not knowing but i’m feeling positive about it and sure the adventure awaits! Six days are all that remain to me in work and then I finish for a week before flying home to get my shit together before  we take off on our first flight. aaahhhhhhhh! so close I can smell the sea weed from Copenhagen Harbour!

Recently a friend introduced to a site called Airbnb. It is a site that allows people rent there home/flats/rooms all over Europe safely. It is absolutely brilliant! and can end up being a lot cozier and cheaper then hostels. You just sign in (with facebook if preferred) and write to the owners giving them a little info about yourself like hi I’m Jess, I’m 26,  I work in a cinema and I am not crazy or an arsonist please rent me your home, thank you.  Of course there is still the option of Hostels which would be more social.  Meeting people from all over the world who are  traveling can make your time fare more interesting and informative. New friends!  So far we have booked two airbnb flats to rent from two very lovely people and a hostel for Berlin because Berlin is definitely the place to be social.  I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of traveling to try the site out. It’s user friendly and lots of help is provided if you are in need.


There is my quick update about my travel plans, Huzzah!

I just wanted to tell you about something else I’ planning to do while traveling.  I don’t just want to write about what I do or see but  I also want to  write short stories (fantasy fiction) about the cities I visit, bring a little magic to the what I see and feel. It’s been something I always wanted to do, take inspiration from my surrounds and create a new world around it.  I hope you are all willing to walk along with me through  all these cities  and  dive into the worlds I create.


jess x


July 10, 2015

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