This here is my beautiful friend who is doing her PHD in chemistry , Brains and beauty , Package! She was my lovely companion on our trip to judy’s vintage fair. I wanted to show you one of the items she bought and I managed to persuade her to let me take her photo.

Hannah 1

Here my lovely model is wearing her redesigned King Kong crop top with a vintage purple skirt and a black beanie from River Island. I’ve popped the facebook page of the designer at the end of this post. you should take a look!


Hannah 9

Just to show you can wear it different ways, I styled it with these fab green high waisted trousers from Topshop Love!


Hannah 7

Hannah 6
Hope you enjoyed the post! Happy bargain shopping!

Jess x


Whats your favourite style ? Do you lot like to mix it up to?

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January 26, 2015

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