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I wanted to write a blog about clothing because I love personal style and how people put their outfits together to make it their own. But I find  a lot of the blogs I view use clothes from the high street which makes a hefty dent in your pocket.  You don’t need to break the bank to show off your style. You can still enjoy fashion without feeling the pressure to spend big.There are loads of places to shop and plenty of ways to shop to save your money for other things, like rent… just kidding trips away ! adventures! obviously ha.

This is my most recent photo. I even still have that hair colour , just recently topped it up =) I’m wearing a hand me down crop top, yes hand me down. A classy Topshop hand me down. A friend of mine was getting rid of some things while preparing to move in with her other half and of curse myself and another friend nose divide into the bag to ruffle through the treasures. this crop top was among some of the other clothing items I rescued. The skirt is from primark and it was on sale. Sale and Primark are two words you will read often in this post as, if we are honest with each other, primark is where the bargains are and sale, well of curse there’s gonna be cheap treasures associated with that word. The skirt I purchased a few years back but it still has a place neatly folded among my other skirts. The Japanese style blazer is from forever21 and it was on their online sale.  Its a summer outfit that I might just have to  repeat when the weather improves.

Urban Outfitters is a shop I enter a lot. It isn’t cheap though. I tend to stay away from the ground floor where all the expensive beautifulness tends to start. I walk right on by and right up that big wooden staircase adverting my eyes so that I don’t see all of the beautiful things and   straight through to the back where the sale section is hidden. I have found many an item on sale here,  hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered and traded for paper . The Urban Outfitter sales are generally very good and the price reduction can be substantial. And the best bit is that they give student discount off sale items which not every retailer does. ps the discounts only valid with a valid student card. sad times.

This little black dress also comes from Urban Outfitters sale section. It was only £15. The necklace piece is from H&M and was a gift from my old flatmate for lifting her shipping boxes down to the truck while she shopped in town not realising the truck had come early. I’m a good friend and I was awarded as such =P The black oversized waist coat is also from H&M in their sale section. I wasn’t ready to pay the retail price when I first set eyes on it but  luckily I spotted it again a few weeks later in the sales. Yes, thank you, I’ll have that.

Both the cream shirt and waist coat in this image I purchased from a vintage fair. Judy’s Vintage which I have posted about before http://tehnocolouredchaos.blog.com/2014/10/27/vintage/.  People you need to wander in some time. They happen every few months in Edinburgh and travel around the UK . I think the  next one is on the 24th of January.  You can find so many beautiful pre-loved things their for a reasonable price. I love going to them even just for window shopping. I will definitely be checking out the next one and bring my camera along.

The black dress in this photo is from Motel Rocks clothing website. I found it through another blogger I creep on from time to time. I don’t visit their site very often but I do like a quick nose every once and a while to see if they have any nice dresses hanging in cyberspace. I found the dress I’m wearing in the photo in their sale section. The boots which you can’t really see are from Topshops Princes street store and where also on sale. They where £25 minus student discount.

The tie dye T-shirt I’m rocking in this photo is actually borrowed (with the intention never to release back to its owner)  from my boyfriend and ts from the men’s section of primark. Ladies you can get lots of good stuff from the men’s department. Don’t be shy take a stroll around the men’s wear and see what you might find. For me it seems that they have hijacked all the good Tee’s. The blazer is the same as shown in a previous image above. I like to  mix and match change it up a bit. When I shop with friends I pick up the most random things and you couldn’t imagine them matching with something and the don’t but they do clash excellently.  You can’t see but I am wearing black plain quarter inch leggings with this outfit. Plan and simple. The circular chain is from the Shelter charity shop for £4.

This outfit is pretty simple, strip t-shirt,black shorts. The t-shirt I found in the Shelter for £4 . The shorts are from Primark (Pennys to Irish folk) which where a fiver, bargain! I’m also wearing a spiked choker just to jazz the outfit up a bit. Perfect for a bar you really don’t need to dress up in “cough” “hmm” sneaky pete’s.

Here I’m wearing a jumpsuit , primark again and a cotton Japanese style blazer I bought from forever21 as seen before. The chain Pendant is from Urban outfitters which was more than I would spend on costume jewelry but luckily it was given to me as a gift so I didn’t decline . The jumpsuit was on sale for £5 and the Blazer was also on sale to. Online sales are so good for bargains and you don’t have to fight off other shoppers for the good stuff, well only the virtual kind.

The Jacket I’m wearing in the above photo is from one of Vintage fairs that  come to Edinburgh every few months. And I love it! its big its baggy and its super warm! Its a Levi’s denim jacket I bought for £25 The hat is from river Island for £6 on sale as well. The jumper is from H&M which is probable a bit hard to see in the photo but it is grey and long and tucked in. I will try to improve my photography skills next time I do a style post!

The Black boyfriend blazer from this photo is from H&M. It originally cost 40 odd euros but I spotted in the sales and it had gone down in price which just goes to show that if you wait everything you see in the shop for full price will probably end up on the sale rack. This has happened to me on many occasions and it is infuriating to see the item you bought a few weeks earlier hanging on the sale rack in front of your eyes for a 3rd of the price, rage! The t- shirt is from H&M to, and look at it! pineapples! all over the place what else do you need on a t-shirt?

The white shirt was 14.99. The dress is from forever21 which I shopped in often when I lived in Dublin but its doesn’t currently have an Edinburgh branch. I don’t really bother with the website because I prefer to try on their clothes before buying. Their sales aren’t great but their prices are reasonable in general so you could create an outfit without splashing the cash.

The pink lace top is from H&M and the blue abstract patterned cotton skirt is from forever 21.  I haven worn this outfit in a long time. Its a bit to chilly for it at the moment. Layers are currently covering my body at all times to battle against those northern winds.

I’m wearing a H&M plain black pinned dress in this photo with the grey jumper previously shown in another image. Reuse, recycle! I’m also wearing a few different chains in the image. The insect chain is from forever21. Their costume jewelry can be super cheap, you just have to be willing to search for the bargains. the other chain is also from forever21.

To finish off with my last outfit I’m going with  tartan. It was very in over the summer and autumn season. both the high rise black jeans and crop top are from Urban Outfitters sale. The top is a large because i prefer tops to be baggier/ loose fitting. The jeans where a size smaller than I usually go for. They where bet on me but  amazingly they have managed to loosen  up through wearing and tear. They are my favourite jeans.

Basically how I save money is by buying smart. I browse and I shop in charity shops. All your favourite brands are hanging inside. Only difference is they are pre-loved and 1/3 the price. You may need to search but you can find beautiful things inside your local charity shop. Check out the sales online and in store.There’s always a sale!

Jess x

January 21, 2015

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